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Peak Summer Activities

Posted by Edwin Slagsvol on
Peak Summer Activities

Well, the 4th has come and gone and all that is left for the summer is backyard barbecues, concerts, beaches teaming with people, pools drawing in humans, unimaginable traffic, and of course the remaining fireworks (the neighborhood facebook group is already complaining about their dog’s anxiety).  It’s the time of year where everyone completely succumbs to nostalgia and remembers the glory days of summers long past.  I know that I spent years on the coast of South Carolina, decorating golf carts each year, eating hotdogs, and playing in the egg toss, and most people have similarly strong associations to the unmistakably american holiday. 

Block + Ink celebrated our July 4th with fireworks, veteran parades, and live music. So, with that in mind, and with the 4th in the rearview, what better time than the dog days of summer to announce the NEW Block + Ink patterns!  While we have hinted at and even prematurely announced these beauties previously, we finally got them in and we could not be more excited.  

First up, our collaboration with the Warrior Surf Foundation, the Island Sunset. This organization creates a community for veterans and their families, offering surf therapy and wellness coaching, along with a bunch of other tremendous and beneficial programs.  Warrior Surf Foundation is a tremendous organization and we are very proud to support them with this new pattern.  There is no one more patriotic than a veteran of our armed forces and there is nothing more worthy of celebration during July than our veterans. 

For live music, we like to support the local talent and there is no group that puts on a more exciting live show than Doom Flamingo.  A powerful synth-wave sextet ensemble with a killer lead singer. We partnered with them to bring a distinctively Doomed looking Flamingo pattern. It's the perfect concert watching attire, light enough to breathe and buttons to loosen up. You will be the best looking person at any show you attend.

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