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Types of Block Printing Techniques

Posted by Dylan Roukous on


Ajrak is an Indian Print whose name is derived from the Arabic word Azrak which means Blue as Indigo is one of the predominant colors used in this technique. It is one of the oldest printed fabrics known to man.


Bagh is a unique style of block printing on handloom textiles. It is practiced on a white background with red and black prints on it, The chemical properties of the local river Bagh, enhance the unique shades and make them prominent.


Kalamkari is a beautifully long process that requires almost 17 different steps, but the end designs are soo gorgeous it is definitely worth the effort. Found in Iran and India, this particular printing is only done on pure cotton fabrics with hand-carved wooden blocks and completely natural dyes.


Dabu block printing is a resist printing technique. It is done with dabu paste which is a mixture of Clay, guar gum, and sawdust which is then block printed onto the fabric and then dyed. It is said to have been originated in China but gained its popularity in Rajasthan, India.


Traditionally made with the dust of precious metals such as gold and silver, Khadi printing resembles ornaments ideally for festivities and auspicious occasions such as weddings. Unlike other methods, this is a surface ornamentation technique and hence is done on fully finished textiles.


The uniqueness of the Sanganeri block printing is the fact that it is supported by natural factors like the local water, atmosphere, humidity, and the indigenous herbs and flowers used in the process. These prints borrow their designs from nature and are intricately designed. BATIK The Indonesian Batik also has a block-printed version where the wax is printed onto the fabric using a copper stamp called Cap. The printed wax resists the dyeing process to create gorgeous designs. BAGRU This technique is completely natural, right from the wooden blocks to the natural dyes, and is known for its effortless elegance and simplicity. Bagru prints combine natural organic designs with geometric motifs to create beautiful patterns.

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