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It is NOT Christmas yet, but buy our shirts anyway

Posted by Edwin Slagsvol on
It is NOT Christmas yet, but buy our shirts anyway

It’s November.  No longer are the days getting shorter; no, that other much worse thing happened, where the days just end at 4:00 PM and it’s darkness forever.   I am assuming that if you are reading this you can tell that we at Block + Ink are no fans of the Day Lights Savings nonsense.  Also horrible and a natural occurrence in November?  Christmas music and advertisements.  Mariah Carey’s ubiquitous Christmas anthem made it onto the top Spotify streaming charts faster than ever before.  True story, look it up.  The B+I peoples do not like that either.  

To be sure, we have nothing against Christmas, mind you, we love Christmas and there are few places that are more magical than New York City in December because of Christmas. But it is November, which the clever among you will notice is NOT December. Mercedes has already trotted out their fresh line of Christmas commercials, as has Coke, and the other typical offenders.  We won’t do that to you and we won't try to contrive such a reason to sell you shirts.  November is a perfectly acceptable time to buy our shirts and we intend to sell them on their own merits, not some Christmas shopping pitch, which I will certainly write in December.    

Think about it, November is obviously the Thanksgiving month, and how thankful would you be rocking our shirts on one of those warmer fall days? It adds some flare to the ordinarily neutral colored fall palette.  Also, it can be a form of distraction at the actual thanksgiving meal itself, when the old uncle gets into his politics, you can divert all attention to your new and very cool block print shirt.  Sporting the look practically screams “I am thankful for my awesome life” because just look at you, how could you not be thankful in one of these shirts!

What we are saying is that you should pretty much consider making this purchase right away in order to have it ready for the holiday!

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