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Big Things Coming!

Posted by Edwin Slagsvol on
Big Things Coming!

I am not sure what the weather is like where you are from, but fall sets in like a tonne of bricks, and on Sunday it happened. Woke up feeling the fall in the air and immediately rushed off for a fluffy sweater. So far, this temperature drop has held and it means the jackets are coming out. As we have previously discussed, our shirts make for some excellent color additions to the typically drab fall/winter layering options and, with our mandarin collar, you do not need to worry about sporting a double-collared look, which we all know is a terrible look.

But chilly weather applications of an apparently tropical shirt is not what we are here for today, as we have already had that discussion back in January. What I would like to discuss today is our plans! What does a fashion brand do when their preferred season passes? What does a warm weather clothing company do when it gets cold? We plan! We start designing, we start making new connections for potential collaborations, we start throwing around ideas.

Without getting into the details, which we will announce here at the appropriate time, these are some of the things we have coming down the pipe:

We have an awesome new pattern and new shirt designs coming out soon! This is the result of a collaboration with an unnamed trunk company. We are experimenting with some different shirt designs and we designed a custom pattern for this company to feature in their spring launch. In the run up to this effort, we completely reworked our products and design. We are now using additional sustainable materials in the making of our products, specifically we are now using coconut buttons as opposed to the plastic ones. From the outset, we wanted to build a company with sustainability in mind and getting rid of the plastic was a long overdue part of that equation.

We have a new product that we are very excited about, the ever versatile Bandanna! Our bandannas are a step above the rest. Typically, when a bandanna has a pattern, it's a heavy screenprint or that overly cliché pattern we all know. Our patterns are made using the same ancient block print methods, dyeing our fabrics as opposed to pasting something. These are vibrant, soft, and versatile products. We have a wide variety of fun patterns and are excited to begin rolling these our in advance of some additional ideas we are working on.

And lastly, we have some fun collaborations coming up with a local band, a veterans’ nonprofit, and some internet personalities. Each of project is very different from the patterns that we feature currently and we are very excited for this upcoming drop. We plan to make quite the splash in the spring.

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