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The Block+Ink Story

Posted by Five Palms Media on
The Block+Ink Story

It all started on a wild run through India.  We pushed through a crowd after a last minute purchase of paper wrapped samosa from the train platform in Jaipur. Leaving the Pink City, a jewel in her own right, we now make our way to Rajasthan to immerse ourselves into the Mughal culture. As foreign travelers and nomads escaping from our dreary desks in the states we are keenly aware that our next destination will reward us with yet more visual treasures.  

On the train we review our options.  So far, the entire experience has been thrilling with India’s high energy street scenes and bazaars. A constant fascination for us has been the array of cottons and silks with beautiful block printed designs.  An ancient artisanal expression that translates seamlessly into our multi-cultural world. And just like that, the see that would grow into Block + Ink was planted.

Our craftsmen and tailors have fused their talents to create a modern take on traditional designs.  The ubiquitous mandarin collar and fine natural fabrics are the background for our colorful prints. Using plant and mineral dyes we are able to uphold the integrity of a long cherished trade.  Block + Ink offers a fresh perspective on an ancient tradition.

As we pick and weave our way through these ancient communities and cultures, an extensive network of narrow city streets with their colorful shops and even more colorful shopkeepers allows us to gather ideas for our designs and color-ways. The distant mountain range, the seascape, the golden deserts, the vibrance of a foreign and timeless culture, it's all here to inspire us.  

Udaipur will be our last destination.  The northern land of lakes and vast networks of levees and dams built hundreds of years ago, a lush contrast to our previous stops. This far reach of Northern India adds the last spark of motivation for our Block + Ink conceptual designs.  During our final afternoon, we enjoy steaming cups of chai brought to us by the brightly dressed children working at the cafe with their parents. These moments let us reflect on our adventures, and form the basis of a plan to share them and inspire others to do the same. India has been a lavish feast of sensations for us. Stunning Architecture, riotous colors, traditional culinary delights, and scented bazaars have all fused together to shape the look and feel of our new line of casual wear.  


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