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Why Block+Ink?

Posted by Edwin Slagsvol on
Why Block+Ink?

Alright. You are here, so obviously you are interested, perhaps, dare I say...curious.  

Look, I get it; these shirts are a cut above, they are different, they are not like anything in your closet right now.  That’s ok, we are here to help (seriously, look at yourself, you need our help).  First, let’s work on that confidence, friend.  You are hesitant because you are worried about how you will look in one of our fine shirts, which really only means you are worried about what someone else thinks.  We don’t do that here. Not anymore, at least (long story).  

Good, now that your confidence issues are taken care of (you are welcome), let’s get down to the brass tax of these fine pieces of apparel.  When I first set out wearing them, I was traveling, and we all know that everyone relishes the freedom that anonymity affords them when they are traveling. You can dress up however you damn well please!  I was wearing them left and right, buttoned all the way up to the top.  It was a sharp look, I can tell you that right now, and that is coming from a man that flat out refuses to button at least the top two, maybe three or four if there are margaritas.  

Upon returning to the sunny coastal city of Charleston SC, it was a seamless addition to the rotation. Admittedly, back in the states, I returned the two-unbuttoned standard, but good news: they looked good like that as well!  While it was a year of a pandemic, the occasional beach outting or pool gathering (socially distanced, of course), these walking pieces of art were the envy of anyone that caught a glimpse.  Truthfully, never have I had more people ask me where to find such a garment (lightbulb moment). Swim trunks with a B+I shirt, easy beach look. Fav jeans and a B+I shirt, oh yes.  Flip Flops, cargo shorts, and a B+I shirt, absolutely not, do NOT do that. Ever. And furthermore, never trust a man with more than 4 pockets… Sorry, I digress…. 

Where was I?  Right, the ways to adapt these bad bois.  So, fall and winter approaches, what do you do with a light fabric short sleeve button down? I guess you gotta hang ‘em up until you get yourself some warmer weather and cooler times…. NOPE!  Guess again.  New discovery, wear layer* one of these dashing collarless shirts with a heavier overshirt.  On the way out to Frrrrreeeezing Santa Fe for a subdued NYE this year, I had our elephant print layered with a suede overshirt, got myself a cowboy hat, and damn I looked good. Layering these shirts is easy when you don’t have a double collar look. 

Final point, my beautiful girlfriend looks amazing in it as well, which is more of a warning than anything. Because these gorgeous pieces of apparel will walk right out the door if you do not keep an eye on them.  

Free yourself from the collar. Embrace an adventurous life.  Most importantly, get out into the world and experience the vibrance and cultures of the world...In a Block + Ink shirt!

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