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The Warrior Surf Foundation

Posted by Edwin Slagsvol on

We do not need to point out that there is an obvious intersection between Block + Ink products and a beach lifestyle.   Likewise, there is a clear intersection between our brand and surfing. Then it should come as no surprise that we have teamed up with a local surfing nonprofit to launch a new product! But this is no ordinary surfing charity, this is The Warrior Surf Foundation, a Charleston based Veterans organization that works to provide free surf therapy, wellness coaching, yoga, and community to Veterans struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, transition issues, and other mental health issues.

The people at WSF are just awesome through and through.  They are compassionate, caring, and tireless in their mission to help veterans and their families.  At sunrise, they are out there setting up boards on the beach for the day’s session.  Day in and day out they are working to raise money and awareness for their veteran community.  We wanted to contribute and so we cooked up a lighthearted pattern, something beachy, like something you would find on a surf shop’s rack.  We deliberately did not want to include the typical motifs associated with veteran groups or macho veteran brands because that isn’t what WSF represents.  WSF is about building a surfing community, and with this community help veterans and their families heal and grow, and live the fullest life that they can. 

So, go on and look into Warrior Surf Foundation and stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our specially designed WSF shirts!  A portion of every sale will be donated to the foundation and so every purchase is doing a little more good. 

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