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What is a Mandarin collar?

Posted by Five Palms Media on
What is a Mandarin collar?
The Mandarin collar is an unfolded, stand up collar that rises a few centimeters up from the neckline. The edges of the collar either barely meet at the center front or overlap slightly.

Originating in Manchuria, a region in Northeast Asia, the Mandarin collar was introduced to China during the Qing Dynasty (17th century). The collars were named after the Qing-era bureaucrats who wore them, the Mandarins. They were called this, influenced by the Portuguese word “mandar” (to command, order).

Throughout the history of Chinese clothing, the Mandarin collar has remained an element of style. It can be seen in men and women's clothing such as the more traditional Changshan/Qipao to modern clothing worn today.

Other cultures use a similar style, such as the Nehru collar in modern Indian clothing as well as the collar used in some military uniforms. Another similar style that is popular is the band collar, which refers to more of a lack of a collar.

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