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All about Block Printing

Posted by Edwin Slagsvol on
All about Block Printing

View this documentary on the art of block printing.


Procedure of Hand Block Printing

  • First Step: First of all, the craftsman creates the block for a specific design. Indian motifs of various animals, geometric patterns and plants are popular designs. The master artisan traces the theme on the wooden block of deciduous hardwood. Sanding and oiling the woodblock is essential before the craftsman works on it.
  • Second Step: Before using the fabric for printing, the craftsman washes it. Washing makes the block printing sustainable.
  • Third Step: The craftsman dyes the material with the base color. The art of block printing needs a lot of precision. The intricate artwork makes the fabric look amazing. An unwanted move can result in smudging and uneven print.
  • Fourth Step: The craftsman mixes about four to five natural primary colours for creating a plethora of dyes. Then the craftsman dips the block into the stain and stamps it on the fabric firmly.
  • Last Step: After dying of the material, the craftsmen take it to the local rivers for washing. The procedure of hand block printing concludes by drying the fabric in the sun.


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